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Annual General Meeting

posted on by Ceza Ouzounian


The Annual General Meeting of the Sports Club will take place on Thursday 1 February at 7.30 pm in the main lounge of the Sports Club.

The formal announcement of it, with agenda, nominations for Committee sheet and minutes of the last meeting went up on the noticeboard in the Small Lounge on 11 January. All club members welcome.

President Brian Kampman says:
That is yet another year that has flown by! As ever, much has been done but much more remains to be done.

I, & others, will provide reports at the AGM on achievements, future challenges, our financial position & proposals for 2018 membership fees.

We need your attendance: to discuss how we can continue to move forward after another challenging but successful year. And to thank various people for their contribution(s) this year

Proposals for 2018 Membership Fees

The Committee had vigorous discussions about membership fees. Sports Club Finances remain tight – while we have made another profit this year, we struggle to maintain a positive cashflow. And we still need to refurbish and repair parts of the Club.

So we propose to increase adult membership fees for the Sports Club by £8 a year across the board (no change to junior fees);

Bar Credit – The Committee agreed unanimously to continue (and make an annual feature) the £30 Bar Credit for all adults (couples only pay one bar credit), with 12 months to draw it down. Sections again collect it, and are responsible for covering it should members refuse to pay.

Please attend the meeting to hear more details about the background to
these proposals. You cannot cast a vote unless you attend (no proxy votes).

While all of the existing office bearers have agreed to stand for re-election, if you think you would like to apply for ANY of the Committee roles please do put your name forward. We need people with new ideas, commitment and enthusiasm to work hard on behalf of the club.

Too often, the same few people are left to try to do everything. If you would like to stand for any of the office bearer positions, find a proposer & seconder for your nomination and let me know by 28 January.

We also (always!!) need more volunteers to help us with some of the more routine tasks associated with the club e.g. painting, decorating, odd job maintenance. An hour or two (or more!) of your time each week could make the world of difference to how smoothly we operate.

The AGM has also been announced on the Sports Club Noticeboard in the Small Lounge (since 11 January) and via a newsletter to members. The agenda and the nominations sheet for Office Bearers/Committee members and the minutes of last year’s AGM are on this website.

Hope to see you there.

Brian Kampman
President, EKSC


Below is the agenda for this year’s AGM, Committee Nominations and the minutes of last year’s AGM.

AGM Agenda 2018

Committee Nominations 2018

Minutes of AGM, 26 January 2017