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posted on by Ceza Ouzounian

We have some great sports sections at the club; rugby, cricket, running, tennis, golf and football. But maybe you are after something a little bit different. We will be running Pilates and Burlexercise every Tuesday evening! Come along, try something different and leave feeling great! For more information or to book, contact the instructor, Ceza at

Pilates – 7pm
For those of you who don’t know what Pilates is, it is an exercise for the body and mind. The foundation of Pilates exercises is core strength. These are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. Strong core muscles stabilise the spine, which helps with back and neck pain, and a strong core can help with many other physical exercises.

Pilates improves flexibility, circulation, posture, and movement. It tones and strengthens your muscles and your joints will be looser and more supple. It makes you more aware of your body and how you move.

Classes are limited to 9 people to ensure a higher level of quality. £8 per class.

Burlexercise – 8pm
Burlexercise is a medium-high intensity fitness class designed specifically for an all over body workout. The classes take you on a physical journey, burning calories, toning and tightening all those problem areas from top to bottom (whilst incorporating token showgirl elements). The class is half dance cardio and half resistance work, all to burlesque inspired music.

£6 per class.