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Saying Goodbye to David Cunningham

posted on by Ceza Ouzounian

Copied from EK Cricket Club’s post saying goodbye to David Cunningham who sadly passed away this week.

A tribute by Keith McIntyre to former club captain, David Cunningham who sadly passed away this week.

By Steven Mann

The facts are easy, David Cunningham was married to Morag and had two grown up children, Andrew and Rebecca. He was a physics graduate from Glasgow university and was schooled at Hamilton Academy. He had a hugely successful career in the NHS working in cardiac research and is a former captain and player for East Kilbride Cricket Club.

As we mourn his untimely and sudden death, those facts tell us very little about the man that I was close friends with through most of my teens, twenties and thirties. We lost touch as we got older but did reconnect over the past few years due to the wonderful world of Facebook. That reconnection showed me that you can pick up the conversation with true friends like it was yesterday. It also showed me that David was a devoted family man. Most of his posts were glowing testaments to his kid’s achievements in life, sport, and education. He looked the proudest man in the world at his daughter’s wedding.

I remember when he started seeing Morag, way back in the mists of time. He was besotted with her and bored me to death telling me he had found “The one”. As with most things David was right!

I became aware that David had mobility problems brought on by arthritis when he ducked a challenge for a game of golf. I got lucky, as a former scratch golfer he would have whipped my arse!

I owe David a great debt of gratitude. He took me under his wing when I joined the club at the age of 15/16. He was a few years older than me a first team star and I was surprised he even noticed me. I was slightly in awe, not only of his star status but also because of his towering intellect. He is the smartest person I have ever met and could bluff his way through virtually any subject – only most of the time he wasn’t bluffing…

David spotted whatever potential I had as a cricketer, helped me break into the 1st X1 and encouraged me to go for the captaincy. He was incredibly influential on Keith McIntyre the cricketer; however, he was even more influential on Keith McIntyre the person. Along with Ian Thomas, Brian Kampman and Nigel Manuel. David brought me (and Ally McDougall) into a small social circle that revolved around booze, sport, music and women. I owe him big time for introducing me to curries, the art of cooking, the West End of Glasgow, Glasgow university and Friday night drinking sessions with Western Infirmary nurses.

David was a passionate socialist and despised inequality and prejudice in all its forms, we never disagreed on politics although his support for independence did lead to some interesting FB debates. We only disagreed on a couple of things, his taste in music and his abilities as a bowler. Both were appalling, his taste in 70’s MOR soft rock was like a red rag to a bull to me, brought up on the rage of punk rock. His bowling action resembled an octopus having an epileptic fit except the octopus would have had more control.

The news of his passing over the weekend came as a great shock. There are no upsides, but it did allow me to dig deep into my memory banks to remember an outstanding human being, a big man with big hair, big intellect and a bigger heart. Thanks for everything DC I owe you – you will be missed.